New Playlist: Brian’s Summer ’18 Anthems

Pool hangs? Patio drinks? Beach day? You’re going to need a fire playlist equipped with Summer bangers. Curated by audio engineer Brian Bernard.

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1. Feels Like Summer By Childish Gambino
I liked the vibe and feel. I’m a sucker for anything with a new age 80s influence.

2. I Do By Cardi B

3. Money Bag By Cardi B

4. I Like It By Cardi B
I’m late on the Cardi B train but just listened to her album ‘Invasion of Privacy‘ and it’s great! These are my three favourites, also great for the gym.

5. Bubblin By Anderson .Paak
I walked by casting at Grayson and heard this blasting and was like “what is this?”                         The music video is also amazing.

6. This is America By Childish Gambino
No explanation needed.

7. Brackets By J Cole
A sleeper hit, the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it. The moodiness of the track, subject matter and the chorus layered on top makes it great.

8. Same Energy By Che Lingo
Ross Gillard at Grayson introduced me to this one. It has a fresh take on a sound we’re already familiar with.

9. The Games We Play By Pusha T
This album is awesome and so is this track. On hit single ‘Story of Adidon’. Pusha T’s story legitimized a beef gone on for awhile and will go down as being iconic. Still waiting on Drake’s response. 🙂

10. Starship Connection By HeartBreaker
I first found this song featured on a viral video on Instagram. It makes me want to dance and has a sweet 80s influence.