A revolution in immersive content is coming and it’s shaping a new way of storytelling and creating a whole new way of experiencing music and sound.

The quality of immersive content hinges on creating music and sound that matches or surpasses the visual component. In a VR experience, the mandate for music and sound is to create a sonic landscape that makes the viewer feel as though the experience is real.

Choir Choir Choir
Mercedes VR
The Runner Trailer
The Arkells – Live at the Thompson

Grayson Matthews creates compelling 3D audio content and understands the medium. The entire audio workflow for traditional film is being re-thought for immersive content. This includes music.

We’ve started to develop specialised hardware and software tools and techniques with our cutting edge partners. We work on prototypes and inform development of technology in this space in order to provide better solutions. This allows us to begin to realise the potential of 3D sound for music as well as VR cinema and immersive content.

We provide an end-to-end audio production solution beginning with conceptualisation of the audio environment, followed by full spatial capture using cutting-edge microphone technology. We then implement, mix and enhance the spatial audio component of your project using a 3D engine. Our audio output is device and platform agnostic – it’s the desired experience that dictates how we create, mix and deliver audio content.

Grayson Matthews connects you to an impressive consortium of global partnerships capable of pushing boundaries and creating world-class immersive experiences. In our hearts, we’re storytellers – passionate about crafting a message and elevating its purpose. In our minds, we’re always looking to create new ways for people to experience music and sound.