Who or What
is Grayson?

Grayson Matthews is a group of real people making music and sounds with our hands and our hearts. We are songwriters, producers, directors and experimenters, engineers, tech nerds, organizers and overseers. We’re a creative audio agency who love music and sound.

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What we do.

We create music that tells a story. Sometimes the music is the story and sometimes it helps tell someone else’s story. We make a lot of music for brands. We curate music for picture. We make music for shows. We help artists develop. We score films. We write words. We also create and mix sounds to make pictures come alive. And sometimes we just make stuff for the hell of it. At the end of the day, we make sounds that people want to hear, but more importantly, we make these sounds because we love to hear them.

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What We Are Not.

What we are not is an endless supply of musical notes packed on hard drives, then shotgunned out hoping to hit something. We enjoy the process too much to do that. Plus, the world is too noisy already.

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What we Believe.

If you make something people want to hear, they’ll stop and listen. It makes them feel something.

We figure the best way to people’s hearts is to get inspired by our own, so we create as a collaborative family. Collaboration’s an approach we’ve held on to for over 17 years. We are creative-minded people who span multiple disciplines, all working on a unified goal in one big, happy space. Together we find new ways to craft and stay relevant in a shifting landscape.

We always strive to bring back respect for the creatives and the creator in a world where music has become a commodity.

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Where we do it.

It just so happens we meet in a building at 9:30am each week. And on weekends from time to time. We don’t call it an office (though it has office supplies). It’s more of a playground to us.

Designed by world-renowned architect Martin Pilchner (he’s like the Frank Gehry of sound), our space is as original in its design as the content it crafts. It’s an inspiring place, where a growing dynamic of people work together to develop ideas, and do what we love to do.

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Film & TV

From short films to features, reality TV to dramas, we have extensive experience scoring and writing original music for long format content. For more information on our film & TV work, visit The Grayson Network.


The Art of the Steal

Directed by Jonathan Sobol


The Calling

Directed by Jason Stone



Directed by Jamie M. Dagg


Working The Engels




Disney XD Canada & The Family Channel


Population Zero

By Canadian Documentarian Julian Pinder


The Next Step

The Family Channel


A Beginner's Guide To Endings

Directed by Jonathan Sobol


The Big Decision

CBC Television

Studio & Services


Casting & Directing

Grayson Matthews is home to 5 in-house dialogue directors, whose varied industry experience brings a unique individual approach and style to talent direction. A key element to our success with talent is casting, and we’ve established ourselves as the most experienced commercial voice casting department in Canada.


Original Music & Sound Design

With a large team of in-house composers, producers and sound designers, we’re built to create the latest sounds. Our heads, hands and instruments are at the root of everything we make – and in combination with the best technology and equipment around (both new and vintage), we’re always inspired to create original music and sound that keeps people listening.


Music Consulting and Licensing

We’re experts in finding the perfect song for your story. Our network of music supervisors have their ear to the ground and have extensive relationships with both independent and major labels. We license hundreds of songs a year for TV, film and commercial projects.


Mix & Audio Post

We have 4 recording studios, each featuring 5.1 surround mixing capabilities and an accompanying recording floor, plus 13 production suites that handle everything from music composition to sound design and foley.


Creative Content

With a highly awarded in-house copywriters, we’re able to craft scripts for radio, TV, online, or anywhere ideas live. We love collaborating with agencies as an extra brain, helping out small brands or even creating content for ourselves.


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.23.28 PM

Ontario Horse Racing

Ontario Horse Racing never looked better. Pleasure digging into the music and sound design on this handsome spot. Hats off to OLG, BBDO Toronto, Rooster Post, Fort York VFX, and […]


Don’t Look Back ft. Tim Moxam

Our latest single Don’t Look Back ft. Tim Moxam is now available! iTunes: http://apple.co/1ZtwK21 Spotify: http://bit.ly/1XzO6cq Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1XzOHeb


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