About Grayson Matthews

Grayson Matthews is a creative audio agency that specialises in music, sound and experiential work across film and television, advertising and immersive content. Our headquarters are in Toronto, but we work around the globe.

We first opened our doors 16 years ago as an audio company, but as communication has evolved and shifted, so have we. Our history of world-class audio production has united us with some of the brightest talents from around the world.

We collaborate with creators and filmmakers, actors and producers, artists and agencies, brands and designers. Forging these relationships has enabled us to constantly grow our collective talents in order to work in new and exciting mediums. We’re especially good at bringing the right talent partnerships together, efficiently.

Working with Grayson Matthews connects you to an impressive consortium of global partnerships capable of pushing boundaries and creating world-class 
immersive experiences.

In our hearts, we’re storytellers – passionate about crafting a message and elevating its purpose. In our minds, we’re always looking to create new ways for people to experience music and sound.

Our creative people are the company, and we have some of the best minds in the business. Grayson Matthews is comprised of songwriters, producers, directors, engineers, copywriters, strategists, experimenters, developers, organizers, overseers, renegades and outliers. We all share a passion for music and emerging technology, which results in work that is innovative and unique.

Creative Partners


Exclusive, hand-crafted and pre-cleared music for brands, visual content and elevated experiences


A music and content company committed to helping young artists find their true voice and a new generation of music fans discover great music


A global music supervision and transmedia creative agency for licensing and music placement


Developer of software and immersive technologies for mobile devices, web and live streaming in VR/360°


A spatial, end-to-end audio solutions company that creates easy to use, beautifully designed audio products to help VR/360° content creators deliver immersive sound